Ambrose Applejohn’s Adventure

Ambrose Applejohn’s Adventure by Walter Hackett
26th-28th December 1946 at St Francis Theatre, Letchworth

Comedy. Ambrose Applejohn is bored with his life in Cornwall, where he lives with his ward, Poppy Faire. He decides to sell his country estate so he can find excitement elsewhere. Several strangers appear at his door, all claiming reasons to be there that have nothing to do with the sale.

46 ambrose outer
46 ambrose inner


Lush, Butler to the Applejohn family : Cecil Plowman

Poppy Faire, Ambrose’s cousin : Molly Booth

Agatha Whitcombe, Ambrose’s aunt : Rita Powell

Ambrose Applejohn : Derek Booth

Anna Valeska : Diana Robinson

Horace Pengard : Jack Hannah

Mrs Pengard : Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Ivan Borolsky : Roger Powell

Marie : Jill Powell

Dennet : Charles Bygrave

Johnny Jason : James Dainton


Producer : Hugh Bidwell

Staging : Eric Milton and Ken Spinks

Lighting : H. Weller

Wardrobe Mistress : Rita Powell

Orchestra under the direction of C.A. Hobart

Violins : Stuart Tatt, Sandra Constable, Morris Rogers

Viola : Stanley Gomersall

Cello : Anne Francis

Piano : Winifred Hobart

Flute : P.H. Godwin