Douglas Harding

Douglas Harding joined the Settlement Players in 1975. In Taming of the Shrew in Nov 2014, Douglas appeared on stage for his fortieth consecutive season with the players. In June 2015, his appearance in The Ladykillers marked his 100th production, mostly onstage, with the Settlement Players.

Acting Credits

The Man with a bandage in Mother Courage and her Children, November 1975
The Man with a bandage in Mother Courage and her Children, Festivals April 1976
Freddie Eynsford-Hill in Pygmalion, February 1976
Sandy Tyrrel in Hay Fever, May 1976
Nicola in Arms and the Man, November 1976
The Groom in Mixed Doubles, Festivals April 1977
Yang Sun in The Parable of the Good Woman of Setzuan, November 1977
Robert Caplan in Dangerous Corner, February 1978
Moon in The Real Inpector Hound, May 1978
Lord Darlington in Lady Windermere’s Fan, November 1978
Aimwell in The Beaux Strategem, November 1979
Moon in The Real Inspector Hound, Festivals April 1980
Charles Bradford in The Day after the Fair, May 1980
Ronald Gamble in Thark, November 1980
Wally in Alphabetical Order, February 1981
Ralph Dickie in A Play for Ronnie, May 1981
Richard Winthrop in The Ghost Train, February 1982
The Man in The Lunch Hour, Festivals April 1982
Perry Potter in A Tomb with a view, November 1982
Dr Astrov in Uncle Vanya, February 1983
Various in Ebenezer’s Magnetic Dream Town, October 1983
Bruce Lovell in Love from a Stranger, February 1984
Trevor in Bedroom Farce, November 1984
Father Ambrose in The Waltz of the Toreadors, November 1985
Michael Hogan in Midsummer Mink, February 1986
Mr Burgess in The Journey, Festivals April 1986
William Price inAnna of the five towns, June 1986
Dan in Night must fall, November 1986
Daw in The Play of the Yorkshire Shepherds, Festivals April 1987
General Fitzbuttress in Halfway up the tree, November 1987
Stephen Dennis in Fingers, February 1988
Man in Stevie, May 1988
Fred Dyson in When we are married, February 1989
Man in Stevie (act 2), Festivals April 1989
Ray in Ten Times Table, November 1989
The Inspector in The Anastasia File, February 1990
Jerome in Cuckoo, November 1990
David Preston in Home at Seven, February 1991
Rodney / Holmes) in Hidden Meanings, February 1992
Rodney / Holmes) in Hidden Meanings, Festivals April 1992
Conn in The Shaughraun, November 1992
Mr Cox in Box & Cox (one act), May 1993
Lord Illingworth in A woman of no importance, November 1993
Oliver Radford in The Small hours, February 1994
Tom Hamilton in The London Vertigo, Festivals April 1994
Monsieur Harpagon in The Miser, November 1994
Abe in The Janna Years, Festivals April 1995
Geoffrey inRose, February 1996
Vincent in Natural Causes, May 1996
Neville in Season’s Greetings, November 1996
Baron Tuzenbach in Three Sisters, February 1997
Sir Peter Tanford in Pastiche, Festivals April 1997
Barney Cashman in Last of the Red Hot lovers, May 1997
Jack Worthing in The importance of being Earnest, November 1997
Barney Cashmanin Last of the Red Hot Lovers (act 1), Festival April 1998
Nigel Forbes in A Sting in the Tale, May 1998
Various in Do it yourself (one act), September 1998
Tony Hancock in Hancock’s half hour, episode (One Act), January 1999
Bascombe in The Winter of 1917, Festivals April 1999
Bernard in Don’t dress for dinner, May 1999
Hastings in She Stoops to Conquer, November 1999
Ron Glum in The Glums episode: The deed poll (One Act), January 2000
Frank Gilman in Nightmare: The Fright of Your Life, February 2000
Alec in Key for Two, May 2000
Cpo Pertwee in The navy lark, episode (One Act), January 2001
Morris Dixon in Present Laughter, February 2001
Alec Firth in Haywire, May 2001
Eric in Visiting hour, September 2001
Charlie in A Respectful Funeral, Festival June 2002
Gerald Nutley in I thought I heard a rustling, June 2002
Jim Dixon in Building Blocks , June 2003
Teddy Brewster in Arsenic and old lace, November 2003
Dr Watson in The Affair of lady Ruth Fairfax (one act), January 2004
Monsieur Orgon in Tartuffe , February 2004
Spriggs in Theft, June 2004
Ken Bevans in Rumours , November 2004
The Pianist\Prompt in Little Red Riding Hood – a complete pantomime (one act), January 2005
Victor Velasco in Barefoot in the Park, June 2005
Adrian in The Intruder (one act), September 2005
Uncle Abanazar in Albert Laddin, January 2006
Lord Palmerston / Various in Florence Nightingale , February 2006
John Malcolm in Separate Tables, June 2007
Uncle Bernard in Seasons Greetings, November 2007
Albert Godby in Still Life, Festivals April 2008
Dr Bradman in Blithe Spirit , June 2009
Det Sgt Wilton in Home is The Hunted, Festivals April 2009
Monsieur Follovoine in The Purging (part), January 2010
Rouse in Summer Extra – Close to Croydon, How to make your Theatre Pay, Failed Investments, July 2010
Ezra Chater in Arcadia, February 2011
Eric Dawson in Prescription for murder, June 2011
Cardinal Wolsey in A Man for All Seasons, November 2011
Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple, February 2012
Wyndham Lewis in The Wise Man Knows, (Festivals – Sawston and haynes) April 2012
Mr Podgers in Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime, February 2013
Chief Villain in The Man in the Bowler Hat, (Festivals – Sawston and Haynes) April 2013
Mr John Smith in Breaking the Code, June 2013
Max Kirkov in Ten Times Table, February 2014
Steve Porter in Tis Folly to be Wise, (one act) September 2014
Gremio in The Taming of the Shrew, November 2014
Professor Marcus in The Ladykillers , June 2015
Garry in The Chip Van Plays Dixie, April 2016
Private Godfrey in Dad’s Army , November 2016

Technical credits

Stage Hand:
Eight comedy sketches, May 1983

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery, February 1987
The Haunted Through Lounge and recessed dining nook at Farndale Castle, May 1991
Little red riding hood – a complete pantomime (one act) , January 2005
Joining the club, April 2014


Best Actor as Wyndham Lewis for The Wise Man Knows, Bedfordshire (Haynes) Drama Festival 2012


The man in the bowler hat - April 2013
The Odd Couple - February 2012
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime - February 2013
A Man for all Seasons - November 2011
The Beaux Strategem - November 1979
Taming of the Shrew - November 2014
Ten Times Table - February 2014
The man in the bowler hat - April 2013
The Odd Couple - February 2012
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime - February 2013