Charles Heriot

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Charles Heriot Joined the Settlement Players circa 1949
Charles Heriot was Examiner of Plays 1937-1968, working on behalf of the Lord Chamberlain’s office issuing theatre licenses and overseeing theatre censorship.
Ref: Page 234-235 The Censorship of British Drama 1900-1968 Volume Three – The Fifties by Steve Nicholson (ISBN 0 85989 750 1)
The 1968 Theatres act abolished censorship in the theatre.

Acting Credits

Mr Latimer in The Dover road , April 1949
Not Known in Antigone, April 1953
Subtle, The Alchemist in The Alchemist, June 1956

Technical Credits

The Queen who kept her Head, November 1949
Doctor Knock, June 1950

The Alchemist, June 1956
The play of Noah and the Flood , Festivals April 1957
Androcles and the Lion , June 1957