When the Bough Breaks

When the Bough Breaks by Gwyn Clark

Performed 05th April 1974 at the Letchworth Little Theatre 12th Drama Festival 04-06 April 1974.      Performed 06th June 1974 at the Welwyn Drama Festival

A Comedy. Decanius a young and innocent Roman soldier stands guard at the sacred Druid grove. A young woman married three years has come to seek the help of the chief Druid Daftan. She has realised that all women who ask for his help in this matter later give birth to red headed babies – just like Daftan

Review in Gazette, April 1974

74 bough break review gazette apr74


Marius, senior Roman legionary : Bill Weedon

Decianus, young Roman recruit : John Elson

Daifta, young Silurian woman : Lynn Irwin

Nan, Daifta’s mother : Valerie Coles

Duftan, Druid : Michael Everitt


Director: Roger Newman-Turner


Letchworth Little Theatre Drama Festival 1974:

Kaete Behrens Steinfeld Festival Runner up trophy