Summer Extra

Summer Extra

Three One Act Plays rewiring fundraiser
Close to Croydon by Gillian Plowman; How To Make Your Theatre Pay by David Henry Wilson; Failed Investments by Lynn Brittany

9-10 July 2010

Performed at the Arts Centre, Letchworth and the Little Theatre, The Settlement, Letchworth

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10 summer extra extra


Close to Croydon

Martha : Sonia Weston

Hugo : Stuart Cocks

How To Make Your Theatre

Rouse, a Council official : Douglas Harding

Mike Pemberton-Hawkesley : Drew Thompson

Mavis Dinwiddy: Lisa Pannell

Failed Investments

Carol : Liane Welch

Margaret : Jean Williams

Old Fusspot : Vince Cook

Anne : Theresa Johnson

Judith : Val Barber


Close to Croydon

Director : Arlene Hui

How To Make Your Theatre

Director : Pat Baskerville

Failed Investments

Director :    Pat Baskerville

Stage Manager : Tracy Rudeforth

ASM : Richard Smith

Sound : John Baskerville

Properties : Margaret Bachini

Lighting : Helen Faulkner