Pity About Kitty

Pity About Kitty by Jimmie Chinn   12th April 2003

Performed at the Letchworth Little Theatre 41st Drama Festival 10-12 April 2003

Staff Nurse Kitty, popular, good-natured and ever willing to help, is giving evidence at a medical tribunal investigating a patient’s death. Suddenly she finds herself carried along by events that she hardly comprehends and and is condemned before she can even defend herself.


Staff Nurse Kitty Curtis : Diana Evans

Sister Betty Strong : Claire Fleming

Senior Nursing Officer Cross : Jeni Butler

Sir Cuthbert Spry : Jon Newham

Dr Lance Woodley, a dummy : Played by Himself

Councillor Dingle, a dummy : Played by Himself


Director: Peter Fleming

Stage Manager: John Baskerville