Night Errant

Night Errant by Georges Faydeau and translated by Michael Pilch from “Feu La Mere de Madame”     25th April 1996

Performed at the Letchworth Little Theatre 34th Drama Festival 24-27 April 1996

A farcical comedy set in 1910. Lucien arrives home in the early hours dressed as Louis XIV. His late arrival and enraptured account of the ball invites the wrath of Yvonne, his wife and it isn’t long before the maid, suffering with flu, and the bumbling, elderly manservant are dragged into the argument.


Yvonne : Pepe Salkeld

Lucien : Roger Newman-Turner

Annette : Gillian Crombie

Joseph : John Moules


Director: Diana Evans

Stage Manager: Peter Fleming


Letchworth Little Theatre Drama Festival 1996:

Kaete Behrens Steinfeld Festival Runner up trophy