The Widow of Heardingas

The Widow of Heardingas by Edward Percy
Performed 2nd May 1951 at the 8th Letchworth Drama Festival 2-5 May, St Francis Theatre, Letchworth

Also Performed 07th June 1951 at the Welwyn Drama Festival

Information from 1951 Welwyn Drama Festival Programme, Welwyn Resource Library Ref: 792 Local Studies


Gundred : Beatrice Downey

Margrete (Gundred’s Daughter) : Ella Edwards

Elstrith (Gundred’s Daughter) : Iris Edwards

Maethild (Elstrith’s Daughter) : Barbara Bird

Undegund (Elstrith’s Mother in Law) : Muriel C Whalley

Githa (A Serving Woman) : Irene Thompson

Hildegyth (A Musician) : Leslie Payne


Director : Gwen Spinks