The Bear

The Bear by Anton Tchekhov, Translated by Constance Garnett
Performed 7th April 1948 at the 5th Letchworth Drama Festival 7-10 April, St Francis Theatre, Letchworth

Also Performed 15th June 1948 at the Welwyn Drama Festival.

Comedy. The Bear’s comedy derives from the characters’ lack of self-knowledge. The widow Popova fancies herself inconsolably bereaved, while Smirnov considers himself a misogynist. They are both stock examples of alazons: figures made ludicrous by pretending to be more than they actually are.

Information from 1948 Welwyn Drama Festival Programme, Welwyn Resource Library Ref: 792 Local Studies


Elena Ivanovna Popva (A Land Owning Widow) : Dorris Barrett

Grigory Steanovitch Smernov (A Middle aged Landowner) : Ken Spinks

Luka (Popova’s Footman) : Derek Booth

The Cast are not credited in the Letchworth Programme


Director : Noel Ripley