Lucrezia Borgia’s Little Party

Lucrezia Borgia’s Little Party by A J Talbot
Performed 11th April 1947 at the 4th Letchworth Drama Festival 10-12 April, St Francis Theatre, Letchworth

A Comedy. Love potions and poisons are mixed up at a party.


Cesare Borgia (Duke of Romagna) : Noel Ripley

Lucrezia Borgia (Duchess of Ferrara, His Sister) : Dorris Barrett

Isabelle D’este (Lucrezia’s Sister in Law) : Ella Edwards

Fiammetta Strozi (Kinswomen of Isabelle) : Pat Gowman

Ricardo Ridolfi (Serving in Cesare’s Army) : Patrick Wright

Niccolo Macchiavelli : Harry Doherty

Leonardo Da Vinci : Charles Bygrave

Baldassare (A Servitor) : Derek Booth

Tessa (A Serving Wench) : Margaret Thompson

A Dog : Unknown


Director : Gwen Spinks