Great Catherine (acts 1, 2 and 4)

Great Catherine (acts 1, 2 and 4) by Bernard Shaw

Performed 04th April 1968 at the Letchworth Little Theatre 6th Drama Festival 04-06 April 1968

Also performed 13th June 1968 at the 34th Welwyn festival 10-15 June 1968

Comedy. Great Catherine: Whom Glory Still Adores is a 1913 one-act play by Irish dramatist George Bernard Shaw. It tells the story of a prim British visitor to the court of the sexually uninhibited Catherine the Great of Russia.


Patiokin : Martin Center

Varinka : Lesley May

A Cossack Sergeant : Fred Herbert

Captain Edstaston : Roger Newman-Turner

Guard : Roy Doherty

Naryshkin : John Elson

Princess Dashkoff : Dorothy Budd

Catherine : Valerie Coles

Claire : Diana Stead

Court Ladies : Helen Weerasinghe, Ann Howard, Carol Elliott (Welwyn)

Courtiers : Noel Ripley , Michael Dodd, Ken Spinks (Welwyn), Adam Newman Turner (Welwyn)


Director: Maurice Coles

Settings: Noel Ripley

Costumes: The Players


Welwyn Drama Festival 1968:

Welwyn Award for Best Actress: Valerie Coles for Catherine

Behrens Steinfeld Trophy to the producer with the most complete and imaginative approach: Maurice Coles

The Welwyn Cup, The Winner of the Overall Festival