The Late Christopher Bean

The Late Christopher Bean by Emilyn Williams, An English Adaptation of Rene Fauchois’s “Prenez Garde a la Peinture”

12 – 15 February 1936, Performed at St Francis Theatre, Letchworth

36 bean outer36 bean inner



Dr Haggett : James Covington

Susan Haggett : Marjorie Covington

Gwenny : Gwen Spinks

Mrs Haggett : Dorothy Brotchie

Ada Haggett : Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Bruce McRae : Leonard Lewis

Tallant : Rudolph Malthouse

Rosen : Henry Wilkins

Davenport : Charles Bygrave

Orchestra :

Violins : Mr W Webb, Miss Hilda South

Second Violins : Mr D J Knowles, Miss Francis Cook

Viola : Mr L C Hawkins

Cello : Miss Rosalie Young

Bass : Mr S Freeman

Flute : Mr P Godwin

Cornet : Mr A Puttick

Trombone : Mr P South

Drums : Mr Vic Orsman

Piano : Edwin Swannell


Producer : Ken Spinks

Stage Manager : Norman Brooks

Assistant Stage Manager : Tom Harding

Lighting : Robert Footman

Box Office : Robert Parker

Secretary : Leonard Lewis

Musical Programme Arranged by : Edwin Swannell