The Late Christopher Bean

The Late Christopher Bean by Emlyn Williams, An English Adaptation of Rene Fauchois’s “Prenez Garde a la Peinture” 
12 – 15 February 1936, Performed at St Francis Theatre, Letchworth

This comedy drama depicts the effect on a respectable but not well-off family of the discovery that paintings bequeathed to them by a neglected artist are now highly regarded and very valuable. The ensuing outbreak of avarice affects most of the household, but the family’s maid, Gwenny, remains uncorrupted and virtue is finally triumphant.

36 bean outer36 bean inner


Dr Haggett : James Covington

Susan Haggett : Marjorie Covington

Gwenny : Gwen Spinks

Mrs Haggett : Dorothy Brotchie

Ada Haggett : Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Bruce McRae : Leonard Lewis

Tallant : Rudolph Malthouse

Rosen : Henry Wilkins

Davenport : Charles Bygrave

Orchestra :

Violins : Mr W Webb, Miss Hilda South

Second Violins : Mr D J Knowles, Miss Francis Cook

Viola : Mr L C Hawkins

Cello : Miss Rosalie Young

Bass : Mr S Freeman

Flute : Mr P Godwin

Cornet : Mr A Puttick

Trombone : Mr P South

Drums : Mr Vic Orsman

Piano : Edwin Swannell


Producer : Ken Spinks

Stage Manager : Norman Brooks

Assistant Stage Manager : Tom Harding

Lighting : Robert Footman

Box Office : Robert Parker

Secretary : Leonard Lewis

Musical Programme Arranged by : Edwin Swannell