It Pays to Advertise

It Pays to Advertise by Walter Hackett and Roy Cooper Megrue
3rd – 6th November 1937

Performed at St Francis Theatre, Letchworth

A Farce, the play depicts the idle son of a rich manufacturer setting up a spurious business in competition with his father.

37 advertise outer

37 advertise inner
37 advertise extra A

Mary Grayson : Barbara Dawson

Johnson, Butler at the Martins : Selwyn Coles

Comtesse De Beaurien : Winifred Fooks

Rodney Martin : Ken Spinks

Sir Henry Martin : Cecil Plowman

Ambrose Peal : Leonard Lewis

Marie, Maid at the Martins : Grace Wallace

William Smith : Henry Wilkins

Miss Burke : Muriel Benns

George McChesney : R F Richardson

Ellery Clark : Evan Flecther

George Bronson : John Day


Producer: Ken Spinks

Orchestra Director : Miss E Luen

Stage Set Direction : Norman Brooks

ASM : Tom Harding

Electrician : Robert Footman

Box Office : Robert Parker

Joint Sectretaries : Mrs M P and C F Plowman