Irish Plays- The Shadow of the Glen; The Rising of the Moon; The Workhouse Ward

Three Irish Plays
The Shadow of the Glen by J.M. Synge;
The Rising of the Moon by Lady Gregory
The Workhouse Ward by Lady Gregory

December 1928

Information obtained from (newspaper review and newspaper picture Ref: LBM3001.438 and LBM3001.439) for this production.

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The Shadow of the Glen

Nora Burke : Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Daniel Burke : Edmond Fitzpatrick

Tramp : Kevin Doherty

Michael Dara : Ken Spinks

The Rising of the Moon

Rebel : Norman Gullick

Sergeant : Kevin Doherty

Policeman : Charles Bygrave

Policeman : Henry Wilkins

The Workhouse Ward

Oldman : Norman Gullick

Oldman : Edmond Fitzpatrick

Mrs Donohue : Kathleen Fitzpatrick


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Producer : Kevin Doherty