Irish Plays- The Shadow of the Glen; The Rising of the Moon; The Workhouse Ward

The Shadow of the Glen by J.M. Synge;
The Rising of the Moon by Lady Gregory
The Workhouse Ward by Lady Gregory
December 1928

Three Irish Plays set in 19th century Ireland.

Information obtained from (newspaper review and newspaper picture Ref: LBM3001.438 and LBM3001.439) for this production.


The Shadow of the Glen

Nora Burke : Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Daniel Burke : Edmond Fitzpatrick

Tramp : Kevin Doherty

Michael Dara : Ken Spinks

The Rising of the Moon

Rebel : Norman Gullick

Sergeant : Kevin Doherty

Policeman : Charles Bygrave

Policeman : Henry Wilkins

The Workhouse Ward

Oldman : Norman Gullick

Oldman : Edmond Fitzpatrick

Mrs Donohue : Kathleen Fitzpatrick


Producer : Kevin Doherty