Dido and Aeneas

Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell

Arranged by the Settlement

04 – 07 February 1925

Performed at St Christopher Theatre, Letchworth

25 dido aneas outer

25 dido aneas inner

www.gardencitycollection.com contains a newspaper review (Ref: LBM3001.577) and a leaflet copy of the words (Ref: LBM3001.578) for this production.



Miss Dora Blain

Mr Herbert Sharp

Mrs Sharman

Mr Fred Hard

Miss Gladys Hurst

Mr T Brooker

Miss Mona Witter

Norman Gullick

Miss Muriel Thompson


Orchestra Leaders: Mrs Clarence Elliot and Miss Tudor Pole

Producer: Jack Dent

Conductor: Miss Mary Ibberson

Dances: Miss Nora Knaggs and the St Chrsitopher Senior Eurhythmic Class

Costumes Designed: Mr Herbert Norris

Costumes: Miss C Cockerell