All’s Well That Ends Well

All’s Well That Ends Well by William Shakespeare  12-14 November 1981

All’s Well That Ends Well is Shakespeare’s romantic story about Helena, in love with the unloving Bertram and the lengths she’ll go to to make it work.

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Countess of Rousillon : Valerie Coles

Bertram, Count of Rousillon, her son : Roger Newman-Turner

Lafew, an old lord : Peter Lee

Helena, an orphan protected by the Countess : Di Prutton

Parolles, a soldier of fortune : John Moules

King of France : Glynn Davies

1st Lord, Captain Dumaine : Roger Prutton

2nd Lord, his brother : Barry West

A nun, serving the King : Winnie Stubbs

A nurse, serving the King : Margaret Gibbs

A young lord : Julian Newman-Turner

A page : Ashley Garling

Rinalda, a stewardess to the Countess : Ruth Ferguson

Lavatch, a clown and servant to the Countess : Bob Cross

The Duke of Florence : Roger Stubbs

A gentleman : Roger Stubbs

The interpreter : Roger Stubbs

A widow of Florence : Sue Bain

Diana, her daughter : Elaine Willers

Mariana, neighbour to the widow : Margaret Gibbs

Soldier : Peter Baverstock

Maids : Elaine Barron, Julie Fearn, Carol Leonard


Director : Noel Ripley

Assistant Director : Ruth Ferguson

Stage Manager : Rita Downing

Assistant Stage Manager : Sheila Rhodes

Lighting : Kevin Dunnicliffe

Sound : Mark Gifford

Prompt : Betty Harvey

Properties : Ella Edwards

Music arranger : John Railton

Singer : Ruth Ferguson