A Woman of No Importance

A Woman of No Importance by Oscar Wilde

18 -20 November 1993

Comedy. satirises upper-class English society at the end of the nineteenth century. It takes place, for the most part, in the homes of the rich and powerful, where Lord, Ladies, and Archdeacons socialise and gossip about their contemporaries.

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Lady Caroline Pontefract : Ruth Ferguson

Sir John Pontefract : John Moules

Francis, the butler : John Timms

1st Footman : John Elson

2nd Footman : David Strong

1st Maid : Claire Fleming

2nd Maid : Samantha Dawson

Hester Worsley : Lisa Roberts

Lady Hunstanton : Barbara Brockway

Gerald Arbuthnot : William Heaton

Mrs Allonby : Elaine Willers

Lady Stutfield : Penelope Salkeld

Mr Kelvil : John Smedley

Lord Illingworth : Douglas Harding

Lord Alfred Rufford : David Strong

The Ven. James Daubeny, DD : Geoffrey Palmer

Mrs Arbuthnot : Frances Gaynor

Alice, her maid : Stacey Holliday


Director : Rita Downing and Noel Ripley

Stage Manager : David Fyfe

Lighting : Peter Fleming

Sound : Haydn Stradling

Prompt : Rita Prodger

Costumes : Claire Fleming

Properties : Margaret Bachini

Set Design : Vanessa Stone and Noel Ripley

Set construction : David Fyfe, Michael Inskeep , John Elson, William Heaton, Robert Evans