September One-Act Play Readings

Reading for the September On-Act plays will be the 26th and 30th June at The Settlement with a third reading on the 7th July if necessary. One of the plays, Babysitting Calvin is described below:

Babysitting Calvin, a comedy by John H. Newmeir: Director Jenn Groves
Calvin a ten-month-old baby (played by an adult), can still remember when his previous life when he was blissfully married to Laura, despite the constant attentions of his womanising friend, Bob. Calvin will lose his memories of his previous life when he reaches his first birthday – or speaks – so he determines nothing will make him talk. When his single mum is persuaded by her sexy friend Donna to go out for the evening, he learns that his babysitter is no other than Laura! Alas she has brought along a friend – lecherous Bob. Can Calvin prevent the unthinkable happening…without uttering a word?

This modern comedy borders on farce, and needs to be performed with speed and energy. It should be really fun to perform, with a bit of interest and challenge for each actor.

Katie, Calvin’s mother
Calvin, 10-month-old baby
Donna, Katie’s friend
Laura, Calvin’s former wife
Bob, Laura’s ‘friend’
(A note on ages: these can be fairly flexible. The cast must basically be divided into categories of people who need to be roughly of an age with each other: (a) Katie and Donna, and (b) Laura, Bob and Calvin. The script describes (a) as in their 20s and (b) as in their 40s, but allows plenty of flexibility to suit whoever’s available. I certainly haven’t ‘pre-cast’ in any way so please do turn up to the reading if you are interested!