The Parable of the Good Woman of Setzuan

The Parable of the Good Woman of Setzuan by Bertolt Brecht  17th-19th November 1977

The play follows a young prostitute, Shen Teh, as she struggles to lead a life that is “good” according to the terms of the morality taught by the gods and to which her fellow citizens of Szechwan pay no regard, without allowing herself to be abused and trod upon by those who would accept and, more often than not, abuse her goodness.

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Wong – The water seller : John Moore

1st God : Jim Harvey

2nd God : Martin White

3rd God : Roger Prutton

Shen Te – The Good Woman : Di Prutton

Mrs Shin : Joyce Elson

The Wife : Diana Evans

The Nephew : Richard Blake

The Husband : Jim Harvey

The Unemployed Man : Roger Prutton

The Carpenter : John Cruse

Mrs Mi Tzu – The landlady : Valerie Coles

The Grandfather : James Innes

The Boy : Brian Wilkie

The Brother : Martin White

The Sister in law : Ann Cotgrove

The Niece : Jenny Lunn

The Policeman : John Elson

An Old Woman : Ella Edwards

An Old Man : Jim Harvey

A Whore : Frances Gaynor

Yang Sun – An Unemployed Pilot : Douglas Harding

Mrs Yang – His Mother : Sally Burton

Mr Shu Fu – The Barber : Peter Lee

The Children : Geoffrey Prutton, Trudie Stubbs, Joanna Stubbs


Director : Noel Ripley

Fight Sequence Director : John Gardiner

Music Composer : Martin Fisher

Stage Manager : Hugh Lamberton

Assistant Stage Manager : Frances Gaynor

Lighting : Mark Gifford

Sound : Russell Strong

Stage Crew : Ann Brooke-Smith

Prompt : Betty Harvey

Musicians : Martin Fisher, Carol Drury (clarinet and saxophone), Sarah Haynes (Percussion), Richard Sims (Cello)