Mother Courage (scene 3)

Mother Courage (scene 3) by Bertolt brecht

Performed 08th April 1976 at the Letchworth Little Theatre 14th Drama Festival 08-10 April 1976

Performed 07th June 1976 at the Welwyn Drama Festival


Mother Courage : Valerie Coles

Kattrin, her dumb daughter : Frances Gaynor

Swiss Cheese, her younger son : Michael Walker

A Protestant Officer : Chris Read

Yvette Pottier, the regimental whore : Andy Wallis

The Chaplain : Jim Harvey

The Cook : Gwylim Scourfield

Old Colonel : John Elson

The Man with the Bandage : Douglas Harding

Catholic Sergeant : Glynn Davies


Director: Noel Ripley

Music: Janet Tate

Sound Recordist: John Rideout